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Transition Resource Directory

What is the purpose of this document?

  • The family survey results (Fall, 2020) indicated that families would like more information about available community resources. This is one way the district is responding to that request.

  • Additionally, students with disabilities are more likely to succeed in adult life if they have a collaborative network of support. This tool provides information about a wide variety of agencies that can support the student’s goals for employment, education and community inclusion.

Who is this document for?

  • Middle School and High School students receiving Special Education services
  • Families, caregivers and support providers
  • Intervention Specialists and other members of the school team

How to use this document:

  • This document is divided into the three sections of a student’s IEP Transition Plan: Education/Training, Employment and Independent Living.
  • The Table of Contents is linked with bookmarks to take you directly to the sections.
  • The Appendix provides links to supplemental information and application materials.